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De Montille & Hokkaido Project

Domaine de Montille is a family-owned vineyard in Burgundy, France, which has been around for nearly 300 years. The current head of the family, Etienne de Montille, has been in Japan for over 30 years and is one of those who loves Japan. Discovering the quality and variety of Japanese wine, the potential of Japanese viticulture, and the compatibility of Hokkaido's climate with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, he confidently launched this project. Did.

This project is Japan's first foreign vineyard, so it's a true adventure. It is also a pioneering project aimed at preventing global warming.
After many years of research, we were convinced of the terroir here in Hakodate (Hokkaido).
With the cooperation of local winemakers Ken Sasaki, Hokkaido Government, and Hakodate City Hall, we plan to grow grapes and wine on approximately 28 hectares of agricultural land.

Burgundy is one of the most famous and oldest wine-growing regions in the world, and as the name implies, the Montille & Hokkaido project has the know-how and experience of Burgundy to produce the highest quality wines in the world. It is based on the cooperation of wine producers who are familiar with the environment of Japan, Hokkaido and Hakodate, as well as the labor and precision of Japanese culture.

And in line with the wishes of today's wine lovers, influenced by new impetus, new energies driven by a new generation of Japanese producers, high quality, unique and strong identity I want to make wine. The Japanese and French team will plant about 10 hectares and gradually increase the cultivation area until it reaches 28 hectares.

We can harvest our first grapes in 2023. And, in order for the new Japanese viticulture to spread, we are planning to introduce and sell wine not only in Japan but also overseas.

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